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Tara Terry is a Wedding Photographer based in Calgary, Alberta with a focus on emotional storytelling in local and destination venues.

+bride and groom walking along the shore of bow lake in their destination elopement in Banff National Park


All little more info our wedding photography style.

Describing our photography style has never come to easily to me. Firstly, I’m not the best at words in general .. I’m someone that could quite easily communicate in emojis alone. I have a hard time using proper English at the best of times so it goes without saying that I often like my images to speak for themselves. Each image should evoke a certain feeling within you and you should be able to remember the happiness and overwhelming set of emotions you felt on your wedding day.

With a photojournalistic perspective we capture candid moments throughout the majority of your wedding day, but also highly encourage portraits of you as a couple and family portraits for posterity. We love each element of a wedding, from the smallest piece of jewelry to the biggest, most confetti-filled party moments, we love to share it all with you (especially the ugly cry faces). We incorporate all of the pieces to create a linear story of your wedding day for your final portfolio of images.

++Bride and Groom in boho wedding with indi style bride at Norquay wedding in Banff national park


Wedding Planning Resources

It can be so overwhelming starting to plan your wedding … I’ve always got such a special place in my heard for newly engaged couples – Joe and I planned our wedding in Australia from Canada so, so long ago so I know first hand how intense the whole process can be. For most couples booking their venue and then their photographer are the first two things they do. Because we are usually one of the first cogs in the wedding planning wheel we are often asked so many questions regarding day of planning and recommended vendors so I decided to put some info for all you lovely people!

First things first, from the amount of weddings that we’ve been to (we lost count after 100) it seems that there really are no rules any more. We’ve seen so many different approaches to weddings and day of schedules that my best recommendation is for you guys is to just do you. Let your day be a true reflection of who you guys are and your love story. There are few things that we love to help with – especially things that can help you guys maximize our time you so you get the most of out of your photos. After your day is done they are the biggest reminder of one of the most special days of your lives. The first of these is our knowledge of light.


Light and Photography

Light is often one of the least considered pieces in wedding day planning, but it matters more than you would think for the sake of not only your wedding photography but also the comfort of your guests and your general timeline of events.

Mid-day sun is the least comfortable thing for everyone involved. For photography it creates stark contrast and deep shadows as opposed to the beautiful softness from late day sun. It can also irritate the eyes of wedding parties and guests if forced to face the wrong direction for the duration of a ceremony, sounds annoying huh? We totally get it if this is the only time that will work with all of your other events planned in the day but this is the evil and untold truth of midday (can you tell I’m not a big fan?)

If your ceremony will take place in this tough light, we suggest finding a pretty place in the shade that will create even lighting across the ceremony, or, at the very least, try to ensure that the light is behind the altar space.

The last hour prior to sunset creates the most beautiful light of the day that is often known as the “Golden Hour.” I often recommend leaving some flexibility in your timeline during this part of the day to ensure that we can sneak away for at least 15 minutes for portraits.  Also, the two of you can enjoy a bit of alone time during a beautiful moment of your wedding day. If you’re getting married in the summer in Calgary this can be a little tricky because the sun stays up so late so we usually are encouraging our couples to pop out of their reception for some gold hour shots.++


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Rainy or Snowy Day Wedding Plan

We capture so many weddings in the mountains which means any weather any day. As an Aussie moving to Canada I had no idea just how finicky the weather is. The forecast would say +20 and sunny so I assumed that it would be +20 and sunny, right?! No, that’s not how the weather here works, it could be cloudy and only 10 degrees all morning, and then it could also pour with rain for about 15 mins at 2pm. You really do need to prepared for any weather any time of the year.  My recommendation to any brides eloping to the mountains is always bring something to keep you warm.

There are only a few balmy nights during the summer in Calgary and even more so in the mountains. Usually as soon as the sun dips behind the mountains in the summer there is a chill that hits the air that can cool you very quickly. It may add a little extra bulk to your luggage when you come but there are so many cute formal jackets that only enhance your wedding look, and they can come in VERY handy if you get cold easily.

The chance of rain (ahem, or snow!) in Calgary and the surrounding areas exists no matter what month or season it is, so embrace it. All vendors should have experience with rain at this point so you shouldn’t let it add stress. Have a backup ceremony plan just in case. And don’t be afraid of the rain or snow, it can make for some gorgeous photos … (sun snows are the most amazing!). Have some umbrellas on hand, just in case – those big, see through kinds are the best for photos, and then dance and sing in the rain and I will capture it all!



Wedding Venues

Often I’m asked, “Have you shot at our venue before?”

I’m going to be completely honest and tell you that it doesn’t matter.

Whether we’ve shot at a venue many times or the venue is brand new to us, we always do our homework and review the venue beforehand.  We have no desire to be caught off guard any more than you have a desire to have an inexperienced photographer.

I always make it a point to speak with the coordinator before the wedding as they can always provide helpful info on possible inaccessible areas. They can always let me know if there is any construction or change that may be on the horizon. Above that we always visit a venue before the wedding. I scout out where I think will be best for pictures, what areas are close and where the sun will be so we are completely familiar with the venue.


boho styled bride and group in scenic mountain elopement in the Canadian rockies captured by destination wedding photographer Terry Photo Co.

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