Romantic proposals and engaged couples in Calgary, the Canadian Rocky Mountains and beyond

Engagement Photographer for couple sessions in Calgary and surrounding rocky mountains

Working as a Calgary engagement photographer is what made me fall in love with photographing couples. I absolutely love having time with couples without any pressure of schedules, guests waiting and timelines to worry about. Getting to document a couples relationship when it’s at its height of love and emotion with the thrill and excitement of committing to spend the rest of your lives together is one of the best parts of my job. I love having the space and time to experiment and get creative.

For many couples, their engagement session is their first time being professionally photographed together. Most couples as soon as we meet tell me how awkward they are in front of the camera and almost all of my clients tell me that they are incredibly nervous and intimidated being in front of the camera. Let me re-assure you, I 100% understand your fears! I’m so used to being behind the lens that when a camera is turned on me I get so nervous and things just seem awkward. I believe one of the things I excel in as an engagement photographer is making my clients feel relaxed in front of the camera so you feel comfortable to interact naturally. 

Since this is usually the first time a couple a couple is being professionally photographed, my goal for your session is for you to both have fun so I can document you both just enjoying each other. I offer direction but I want you to be yourselves and I want these pictures to be a reflection of who you are not just a set of poses. I’m YOUR engagement photographer so your photos will be a collaboration of my knowledge of light and experience in photography but more importantly what appeals to you about photography and your personalities.

I’m not the kind of photographer that has dramatic light set ups or meticulously poses each picture. I am energetic, I love to have fun, don’t take much too seriously – especially myself, I’m also pretty clumsy and sure I’ll make more of a fool of myself than you will!

If you’re looking for a stand alone engagement or couple session either within Calgary or in the surrounding Canadian rocky mountains drop me a line via the contact page here.

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